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Are you allowed to say when the £3 thing is happening or is it happening now?

I don’t work for docs anymore. Its on their facebook page

Omg Ben have u heard what Leeds are doing apparently the doc shop there is selling some docs for £3 each bc that's how much they used to cost

Yeah i know and carnaby street

I wish my boyfriend is like you ugh you're so sweet

Aha noooo

Do your friends in that Instagram picture have tumblrs?


I wish mia lived like next door. That would be amazing. Or even better if she lived with me

Ily but were not mutuals and im not famous

Neither am i

honestly, i just want you to be happy and cheerful xox

Yeah me too

will you still be friends with someone who isn't as pretty as those tumblr girls? /:

I’ll be friends with anyone

How are you?

Ok, yourself?